Unique second-hand in HCM City

Unique second-hand in HCM City

A cafe in HCM City has recently been turned into a popular place for antique collectors.

The Cao Minh Cafe resides in a small alley on No Trang Long Street. The cafe hosts what it calls "the Second-Hand Market". It serves not only as a market for less-than-new items, but is also a place for people to meet and exchange information.

Each week, the market auctions 10 items. For example, this week, a stone tea set with a starting price of VND500,000 (USD24) was bought for VND1.6 million.

People bring all types of objects to sell, from old cars, watches and jewelry to pens, books and hats. Some people come to the market just to look at the old items and remember the past. Many come there in search of beautiful and unique items and others come to sell second-hand items when they are in need of cash.

One prominent feature of the market is a statue of Bodhidharma that was put on display, but is not for sale. The owner said he would give it to the person he deems worthy.



Second-hand market attracts many


VND1.6 million tea set

Variety of items on display

Old clocks and books


War memorabilia

A VND2 million bowl

Statue of Bodhidharma

Selling second-hand bike to support new-born baby

Compiled by Nguyen Hung Minh