The most breathtaking sunsets on earth revealed

As the sun sinks behind India's Taj Mahal, it wraps itself around the dome and stuccoed marble walls, turning them from white to purple, and bathes the neighbouring lake in ethereal hues of orange

Similarly, a body of water in front of any exotic monument will create an awe-inspiring mirage come sundown, seen here at the Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia

In Norway, between late May and mid-July, the sun never fully goes down due to its position north of the Arctic Circle. The resulting colours form a phenomenon known as the 'midnight sun'  

Iceland's close latitudinal location brings it similar light, seen here behind the Kirkjufell Mountain at Snæfellsnes Peninsula west of Iceland

The Great Pyramid site of Giza in Cairo, Egypt, is the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World - so it's seen its fair share of sunsets - and provides them with a pretty awe-inspiring backdrop

Zanzibar is an archipelago off the coast of Tanzania in East Africa worthy of a place on any bucket list. The effect captured here is a reflection of the darkening sky hitting the beach at low tide

If ever you find yourself in Dubai, make sure you book yourself a drive though the desert - Platinum Heritage Desert Safari offers one of the best - around sunset. It's the best light in which to marvel at those wind-whipped sand dunes for as far as the eye can see

Chile's Atacama desert is vast and varied, but head to the Los Flamencos National Reserve and you'll find a sink hole lake, home to an array of flamingos. The salty water in which they reside mirrors the sky during sunset, providing a silvery illusion

Cape Town is renowned as churning out some of the best sunsets in the world, and for good reason. From an elevated position, the sun throws its long cast over the sea in glimmering patterns as Table Mountain soaks in the warmer red hues from afar

As the warm sun goes down at California's Santa Monica beach, the multi-coloured lights on the bustling rides and arcades take over

In contrast, Kenya's seemingly enormous sun engulfs the otherwise stark safari planes, the sky punctuated only with a scattering of heat-weathered trees

The Isle of Skye is a hughly popular spot for landscape photographers, thanks to its twisting green hills and crevices - which are only emboldened by Scotland's famously moody weather

Vietnam has many attractions, its salt fields being one. During the day, it's busy with harvesters who together amass an annual salt production of around 700,000 tonnes, but as the sun goes down and the workers leave, it's a shrine to tranquility

It's hard to look at this - the blood-red hue of Ayers Rock at sunset - without feeling your eyes heat up. Lumped in the centre of a flat and desolate area of the Australian outback, this sandstone formation is more of a muted brown colour during the day

Québec City in Canada, is an unusual architectural sight to behold. Dating to 1608, it's an amalgamation of centuries-old structures and modern twinkling abodes, captured here in all its splendour as the sun sinks behind the towering Château Frontenac.