Old Quarter antique sellers bring out unique items for Lunar New Year

Old Quarter antique sellers bring out unique items for Lunar New Year

A ten-day annual antique market has just opened in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, along Hang Ma, Hang Can, Hang Luoc, Hang Dong, and Hang Ruoi streets.

To welcome the lunar year of the rooster, rooster-shaped or related products are favoured. One of the most notable items is the gilded wooden rooster sculpture that costs from VND5m (USD221) to VND6m. Bronze roosters are much cheaper and have more customers.


Gilded wooden rooster

According to the owner, it took great effort to find the rooster. "It's fate. This rooster is gilded so it's more expensive. I waited until the year of the rooster to bring it out just to display," he said.

At first, the market only opened with few shops on Hang Ruoi Street but gradually, due to interest, more sellers gathered in the Old Quarter to show off their most unique items.


Decorative bronze trays used in Feng Shui

There are various types of items, from altar offerings, Buddhist sculptures to utensils. The sellers also told customers what items are antique and copies. The prices are ranging from a few hundreds of thousands of VND to tens of millions of VND. The market is attracting many local and foreign tourists.

Some people go to the market because of nostalgic feelings. The sellers aren't looking for profits but to find new friends and share experiences in collecting and preserving the antiques.

Peacock feathers are believed to store the essence of the earth and sky

Old coins


Antique items at the market 

By Hoang Ngoc dtinews.vn