Concierge Career talk at Van Lang University

Concierge Career talk at Van Lang University

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Danh, Head of Concierge Association of Vietnam (CAV) recently has a concierge career talk at Van Lang University. This is the third times of the year that Van Lang University organizes the seminar for their last year students. Van Lang University is the Pioneer in Vietnam to contact Concierge Association of Vietnam (CAV) for the seminar of concierge profession.

An introduction about Les Clefs  d'Or and its history

An introduction about Concierge Association of Vietnam (CAV) and its roles.

Students raised their concerned questions about joining the Association, working in concierge team.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Danh was sharing his experience to Students about how to become a good concierge.

Students were very much drawn attention to the lecture.

Questions about concierge training schools in Vietnam, opportunity & difficulty working as a concierge.

Mr. Danh was sharing about challenge & pressure of the work of concierge.

Van Lang University representative sending a great thanks to Mr. Danh for the success of the seminar.

Farewell to all students at Van Lang University.


Nguyen Hung Minh

CAV Secretary