Weekend bazaar at Bach Dang Wharf lures huge crowd

02/06/2017 10:50

A weekend flea market named Saigon Central Market at Bach Dang Wharf in downtown HCMC is highly recommended for local and international visitors to take a sightseeing tour and go shopping during the weekend. Thanks to its convenient location in close proximity to the city center, the weekend bazaar has attracted large numbers of visitors since it was first opened in late April this year.

The 500-meter-long market is divided into four main areas including art performances, booth displays, food court and recreational zone.   

Shoppers can find various types of items such as clothes, fashion items and jewelries. In addition, local youths will have the opportunity to discover a wide selection of Asian street foods such as grilled skewer, fresh fruit and popular drinks.


The bazaar is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on two weekend days
Tourists are seen visiting booths selling clothes and fashion items - PHOTOS: THANH HOA