Vung Tau Paradise Golf Resort

10/05/2016 09:31

Being respected as one of the most attractive place for traveler inVung Tau Coast City. Vung Tau Paradise Golf Resort is built on a gentle-slope terrain with hollow and deep places that create different steps and levels for sight.

The moderate slope with small hills heaved, sloped create soft curves for the course surface. The green space of the course connects to the green space of the sea that bring a boundless space for the golfer to feel at ease, relaxed after escaping from the daily stress intentions.

There are 27 golf holes in Vung Tau Paradise Golf Resort. The precinct shape of golf courses is different from each other, which depend on the golf course style. Vung Tau Golf Course is designed based on the ball direction of the world’s champions and it is reproduced under shape of the golf courses that used to welcome presence of famous persons. Therefore, each style of golf course has different length, dimensions and shape.