Vietnamese Cuisine Festival 2016 to gather cuisine features and farm products

30/08/2016 08:17
Vietnamese Cuisine Festival 2016, which will take place at Thanh Nien Park, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province from August 29 to September 4, will become a place for regions nationwide to introduce their specialties.











Diversified cuisine

Vietnamese Cuisine Festival 2016 is expected to advertise cuisine specialties of regions as well as of Khanh Hoa Province to tourists. This will also be an occasion to exchange cuisines among regions. According to the festival’s organization board, Northern provinces will present cha ca La Vongbun moc, bun thang, bun oc, banh dau xanh, com rang la sen, etc. Specialties of the Central are bun bo Hue, com hen, mi quang, banh xeo, don Quang Ngai, bun ca Nha Trang, etc. The South will bring the festival hu tieu Sa Dec, bun ca Chau Doc, bun nuoc leo Soc Trang, che bot khoai, etc. In addition, there will be a lot of strange dishes of the three regions.

Nationwide fruit show

In the framework of the festival, there will be an area for rural market and fruit show. Ly Hoai Thong, the director of Expo International Trading Joint Stock Company – one of the organizers, said that, “Rural market will be a highlight help the festival more attractive. Coming to the rural market, visitors will feel close and familiar with agricultural products.”

The festival is also an occasion for the regions nationwide to introduce their kinds of fruits. Khanh Hoa Province will bring to the festival Cam Lam mangoes, Khanh Son durians, Khanh Vinh grapefruits, Ninh Da coconuts, Ninh Dong safe vegetable.

Vietnamese Cuisine Festival 2016 is expected to popularize Vietnamese special dishes from all regions of the country as well as help farmers to share experience in agriculture and find business oportunities.

Vietnamese Cuisine Festival 2016 is planned to have 400-500 booths of 350 businesses and individuals nationwide.

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