The Quintessence of Tonkin comes on stage in Hanoi

10/11/2017 15:27

Paradise Group, one of the leading providers of luxury hospitality services in Vietnam, has introduced a live entertainment show to be held at the Baara Land Entertainment Complex in Quoc Oai District in Hanoi City.

The show called “The Quintessence of Tonkin” will be staged from 7:30 p.m. every night except Tuesday, taking audiences through a journey to explore the rich cultural values and daily life of Vietnam’s Northern Delta and watch striking water puppet performances featuring stories attached to the venerable monk Tu Dao Hanh who has been well-known for his humility and generosity towards the poor.

Legend has it that Hanh invented water puppetry to depict the lives of the rural population. Since then, this art form has become a part of Vietnam’s cultural and spiritual life.

Arranged on an interactive stage with the support of modern technology and a stunning setting, the show features a slew of traditional art forms and ritual practices of the northern delta, such as ca tru (ceremonial singing), folklore melodies, quan ho (love duet singing), hau dong (mediumship ritual) and water puppetry.

The stage of the show was built in between the auditorium and the small hill close to Thay Pagoda, allowing audiences to watch performances to the backdrop of the pagoda. 

Especially, the stage is completely submerged under the water, which is large enough to accommodate 250 performers at a time and allows for many of Vietnam’s more striking cultural treasures to be creatively displayed, such as water puppetry and dragon boat racing.

The one-hour show highlights the traditional Vietnamese fondness of learning and depicts the images of the folklore paintings craft village of the Northern delta as well as gives audiences an insight into the spiritual values of Vietnamese people.

Baara Land Entertainment Complex is located at Da Phuc Village, Sai Son Commune, Quoc Oai District in Hanoi City.