Shredded chicken with pomelo

05/09/2016 20:04
The Mekong Delta is endowed by nature with lots of delicious fresh produces. Taking advantage of those ingredients, the chef can cook rustic delicacies. Shredded chicken with pomelo is one of the attractions. This dish is considered an improved version of the milling shredded chicken, with a little more creative when combine available fruits in your garden to change the taste without losing the flavor.







To cook shredded chicken with pomelo, choose a chicken about 1.3 kg or under and must be rooster. After cleanly processing the chicken, leave it as a whole, and drain away; pound garlic, salt, seasoning powder together to make spices for marinating. Use a sharp knife to thrust steadily and then marinate the chicken with the prepared spices, then steamed with rice wine. Shred the chicken into smaller pieces when well-cooked.

Choose medium-ripe pomelo (green skin or Nam Roi pomelo, will have more juice), peel, split to sections. This dish is special thanks to the spices mixed with the pomelo. It is pickled garlic finely chopped with peppers, pomelo pulp. Spread out a layer of pomelo, then cover with a layer of chicken meat, sprinkle with some shredded young pomelo leaves, laksa leaves. This dish is quite exotic, with the tastes of mentholated, bitter, sour, sweet, spicy flavors; especially contains lots of vitamins, which can help you lose weight.

Source: Can Tho Newspaper - Translated by Ngoc Diep