Ryu Gyong (Bac Trieu Tien)

14/06/2016 16:53
Ryu Gyong the place offers a variety of traditional dishes such as Kimchi Pyongyang, soup, cold noodles, meat and vegetables with a distinctive flavor from Korea. In particular, foil grilled mushrooms, Myong The steamed fish, fish soup dishes Agu is not to be missed when you visit a restaurant. 30 Bis Le Quy Don, District 3, HCMC, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam




Address: 30 Bis Le Quy Don - Ward 7 - District 3 - HCMC 

Phone: (08) 7307 6666 - 0968 423 233 (Korean)

                                    0903 436 066 (Vietnamese)

Open: 11:00-22:00

Website: nhahangtrieutien.com

Surely you have heard on the media quite a lot about a country full of mystery Korea, a country besides D.P.R.Korea are the interest and curiosity of the media, the food culture of this country will make you amazed. And North Korean restaurant Ryu Gyong styling is D.P.R Korea with private dining rooms are decorated beautifully light system, suitable for meeting individual and family. In addition, the restaurant has ample space to accommodate up to 80 people - for the cafeteria so consistent with company parties, birthday parties, meeting friends ...