02/08/2016 21:06


Phuoc Lam pagoda has the history of about 200 years which is the relic with beautiful architecture and landscape.
The system of statues in the pagoda is various; next to the lotus lake, there is Quan Am Nam Hai statue, in the Central Chamber, there is A Di Da Tam Ton statue, Thich Ca A Nan statue, Ca Diep statue, Phat Nhap Niet Ban statue, wooden Chuan De statue, clay Sir Giam statue,... Especially, the pagoda also keeps Vish Nu statue which is very valuable and made of stone since the last date of Phu Nam - Chan Lap period (around Vllth century). Phuoc Lam pagoda is the Buddhism center of the province where attracts many visitors throughout the country to worship and celebrate ceremonies and visit.
No. 65 Nguyen Bao street, ward 6, Vung Tau city