Pancakes of Cái Sơn – Hàng Bàng

05/09/2016 19:42
The name of Cái Sơn – Hàng Bàng, according to many people, this area has Cai Son small irrigation canal next to large malabar almond trees so this area has that name. Now, the small irrigation canal was quite large but large malabar almond trees is no longer appeared, however delicious pancakes and miniature fried phancakes remain as before.
Speaking to this place today (belongs to An Binh Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City), visitors will think of two delicious dishes as pancakes and miniature fried pancakes. Recall recent years, Can Tho pancakes suddenly famous nationwide and famous in America, the remote land. The person ring the "bell" is artisan named "Muoi Xiem", a Southern farmer woman.

Not like the way of the famous artisan named "Muoi Xiem", Ms. Dang Thi Huong from Ke Sach district, Soc Trang provinces who left the homeland to settle down with a job of pancakes and miniature fried pancakes which quite attractive, delicious and appetizing for fellow dinners. Ms. Huong said "the delicious pancakes need some important factors and must be experienced, such as powder mixing, frying technique, the heat of the furnace fire, diversified vegetables, especially mixing mechanism of charming sauce with sweet smell..."

Currently Huong’s reataurant has a familiar name, pancakes “7 Tới”. in this restaurant the stuffing of pancake made ​​with duck meat, minced pork mixed with cassava, green beans, boiled shrimp, coconut root and coconut milk. Vegetables are salad, broccoli, sprout with lentils, herbs ... Not only pancakes, the restaurant also serves delicious miniature fried pancakes. Beside “7 Tới” restaurant, Cai Son - Hang Bang has more delicious pancakes, miniature fried pancakes restaurants that also attract many customers, especially on weekend. Specially, most of the "chefs" are adolescents with a mature movement and spectacular virtuosity.

It is very interesting when the customer enjoy pancakes with yellow, hot, crunchy or small, fat miniature fried pancakes with vegetable and to be told the name of pancakes, miniature fried pancakes ever since. Many elderly people told that the name is due to pouring pancake flour into the pan and swing of the sound should hear sizzling so it is called pancakes. Called for the miniature fried pancakes of the embedded tin pan of boiling oil. As explained by the owner of the old custom, pancake is indispensable in the family on these special days, especially the Doan Ngo Festival (May 5th of lunar calendar).

Ms. To Hoang Khanh, Vietnamese Americans overseas, said: "Every time I return home with my family I often enjoy these dish, it's delicious and very appetizing!" when visitors go to Can Tho, they can take approximately ten minutes, about 6km away from the city center to the Cai Son - Hang Bang and they was able to enjoy this popular dish.


Source: SGTT - Translator: Nguyen Kim Ngoc