02/08/2016 21:39

About 800m away from Ma Thien Lanh relic, that is Ong Dung beach with two famous poetry sentences:
“Who visits Dat Tham, Bai Bang
Ask Sir Dung that Vu Nang big enough or not?
“Ai qua đất thắm, Bãi Bàng
Hỏi thăm Ông Đụng, Vú Nàng lớn chưa”
Vu Nang is the name of a kind of sea snail, special food of Con Dao. If it is a pity if visiting Con Dao without eating Vu Nang snail. Ong Dung beach is wide with pure and clean water and fine sand which passionate the visitors when they mix themselves with the pristine and charming nature.