Nem nuong" Cai Rang (Cai Rang grilled meat roll

05/09/2016 19:40
Nem nuong" can be found everywhere in Vietnam, but it differs from place to place. "Nem nuong" in each region brings a distinct taste, nuance associated with people and habitat of that area.










Cai Rang, Can Tho Province is a typical example where emerged a speciality "nem" invented and cooked by a local woman called Tư Khem from half a century ago. Cai Rang was not only famous in that time but has also been handed down to these days in order that people should come to this region and seek for this dish to their hearts' content.



 "Nem nuong" Cai Rang  is best to enjoy when it is made from fresh pork by kneading it, rolling into balls and then grilling it on charcoal. Each plump piece is punctured through by a slat of bamboo, sprinkled with grease and grilled until it has a bright yellow colour. Only by plucking off smoothly, the meat rolls lie neatly in the dish, besides snow-white fine rice vermicelli, especially the best Phong Dien (Phong Điền) fine rice vermicelli.


Like other dishes, people in the South like to combine with girdle cake and vegetable to roll.
Cai Rang grilled meat roll needs vegetable, green banana, cucumber, carambola etc.

Hold a half of delicate girdle cake, pick up a little vegetable, some slices of chuối chát, ananas and carambola, put "nem" on, roll it and dip into a bowl of thick soy sauce. That is the way you enjoy "nem nuong". 


Especially, soy sauce needs to be both smooth and sweet and people may also sprinkle a bit peanut and red chilly to be tastier. Besides the sauce made by soybean jam, the guests can dip soy sauce at the same time with fish sauce mixed with lemon-garlic-chilly.
This is still a special dish that tourists should enjoy in Vietnam travel.


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