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1. Bun cha ca (noodle soup with filleted fish slices grilled over charcoal)


- Ba Lan (Ms Lan Restaurant): 87 Le Hong Phong Street

- Ba Phien (Ms Phien Restaurant): 63 Le Hong Phong Street

- Restaurant at 152 Quang Trung Street

-Ly Thai To Street: the corner of Ly Thai To Street and Phan Thanh Street (only open from 6 pm).


2. Be thui cau Mong (roast beef)


- Ba Ngoc (Ms Ngoc Restaurant): 228 Dong Da Street
- Bo Tai: 103 Trieu Nu Vuong Street

- Tien Thanh (Tien Thanh Restaurant): 227 Tran Phu Street


3. Banh beo (rice flour cake flavoured with ground shrimp), banh nam (flat rice flour dumpling from Hue, stuffed with minced pork and mushrooms), banh loc (rice dumpling cake wrapped in banana leaves)


- Quan Ba Be (Ms Be Restaurant): 100 Hoang Van Thu Street 

- Quan Tam (Tam Restaurant): 297 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street (only open afternoons from 3 pm

- 108 TrÆ°ng Nữ VÆ°Æ¡ng: 108 Trung Nu Vuong Street


4. Breakfast – Bo ne (fried beef) - Opla (fried egg with bread)


- Ba Quy Restaurant: 113 Le Loi Street

- Chin Den Restaurant: 55 Ngo Gia Tu Street, 31 Le Hong Phong Street

- Khanh Restaurant: 41 Hoang Van Thu Street

- Breakfast 64T Restaurant: 64 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street

- Ngoc Anh Restaurant: 112 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street

- Sai Gon Restaurant: 91 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street


5. Banh cuon (steamed rice-paper roll with minced and pressed pork, dried shrimps)


- Tien Hung: 190 Tran Phu Street

- Restaurant at 183 Le Duan Street

- Nguyen Chi Thanh Street: near the corner of Nguyen Chi Thanh Street and Tran Quoc Toan Street (only open mornings)


6. Banh canh (Vietnamese udon (noofle soup))


- Quan Nga (Ms Nga Restaurant): 78 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street

- Minh Nguyệt (Minh Nguyet Restaurant): 8 Yen Bay Street

- Banh Canh Ca Loc Thanh Huong (Thanh Huong Restaurant – Vietnamese udon with snakehead fillet): 18 Thai Phien Street, 130B Le Dinh Duong Street

- Nhat Van (Nhat Van Restaurant): 241 Hoang Dieu Street


7. Bun bo (Spicy beef noodle soup.  The dish originated in Hue, where it is called bun bo Hue)


- Bun Bo cho Moi: Trung Nu Vuong Street (at the start of the road leading to Nguyen Du Junior High School) (only open mornings)

- Bun Bich (Bich Restaurant):  1 Le Loi Street

- Restaurant at Tran Binh Trong Street: 76 Tran Binh Trong Treet (only open  mornings)

- Ba Dao (Ms Dao Restaurant): Nguyen Chi Thanh Street

- Ba Nguyen (Ms Nguyen Restaurant): 256 Hoang Dieu Street (only open afternoons from 3 pm)

- Bun Thuy (Ms Thuy Restaurant): 218/4 Dong Da Street(only open afternoons from 3 pm)   


8. Bun mam thit quay (dried noodles with anchovy fish sauce and roast pork)


- Restaurants at K424/3 Le Duan Street and 14 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street


9. Bun mang ga (chicken and bamboo shoots vermicelli noodle soup) – Xoi ga (sticky rice with chicken)


- Ba Vui (Ms Vui Restaurant): 64 Le Hong Phong Street

- Bun mang ga: 36 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street

- Xoi Hoang Dieu (Hoang Dieu Sticky Rice Restaurant): 107 Hoang Dieu Street


10. Bun rieu (rice vermicelli with crab paste soup)


- Restaurant at 39 Le Hong Phong Street
- Restaurant at No 2 Yen Bay Street
- Restaurant at No 8 Yen Bay Street


11. Bun oc (snail noodle soup)


- Thanh Nam (Thanh Nam Restaurant): 45 Phan Dinh Phung Street

- Bun oc – Pho bac: 239 Tran Phu Street


12. Bun thit nuong (rice vermicelli with chargrilled pork) – Banh xeo (savoury pancake made out of rice flour, water, and turmeric powder, stuffed with slivers of fatty pork, shrimps, and bean sprouts, and then pan fried) – Nem lui


- Banh xeo Ba Duong (Ms Duong Restaurant): Lane No 11, Hoang Dieu Street

- Restaurant at 29 Le Dinh Duong Street

- Ba Trai (Ms Trai Restaurant): 194 Dong Da Street

- Restaurants along Yen Bay Street: 36, 38, 40 Yen Bay Street


13. Pho (rice noodle soup) – My (egg noodle soup) - Hoanh thanh (egg noodles with a wonton-like combination of minced pork and shrimps served fried or steamed)


- Ha Noi-style Pho & Mien: 122 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street

- Pho Ha Noi: 56 Quang Trung

- Pho Bac 63: 203 Dong Da Street

- Pho So 1 Bac Hai: 183 Tran Phu Street

- Pho 75: 75 Ngo Gia Tu Street

- Pho Lan Huong (Lan Huong Phở Restaurant): 110 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street

- My hoanh thanh: on the corner of Pham Hong Thai Street and Nguyen Chi Thanh Street.  My hoanh thanh is available in the mornings and evenings.  In addition, fried rice, stir-fried egg noodles of various types, roast chicken rice, etc will be available in the evenings

- Hu tieu Quynh Huong (Quynh Huong Stir-fried Rice Noodles Restaurant): 14 Yen Bay Street

- Hu tieu My Tho (My Tho Stir-fried Rice Noodles Restaurant): 14 Thai Phien Street


14. Porridge – Tiet canh – Duck meat


- Chao Huong (Huong Porridge Restaurant): 4 Hoang Dieu Street; Tel: 0511 828821
- Chao Loc (Loc Porridge Restaurant): 4A Tran Binh Trong Street; Tel: 0511 822346
- A Toan (A Toan Restaurant): 70 Le Dinh Ly Street; Tel: 0511 832696
- Ba The (Ms The Restaurant): 11 Dong Da Street 
- Hung Thinh (Hung Thinh Restaurant): 81 Dong Da Street
- Nga Restaurant: 91 Dong Da Street
- Than Tai (Than Tai Restaurant): 114 Dong Da Street
- Thanh Tam (Thanh Tam Restaurant): 115 Dong Da Street
- Chao trang (rice porridge) – Com tam (broken rice): 100 Phan Chau Trinh Street; Tel: 0511 825356
- Rice porridge with pineapple leaves: 38 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street; Tel: 0511 886415
- Rice porridge with salted duck egg: (only open evenings)10 Phan Chau Trinh Street


15. Vegetarian restaurants


- Bo De (Bo De Restaurant): 588 Ong Ich Khiem Street; Tel: 0511 828625

- Dong Tay (Dong Tay Restaurant): 182 Trieu Nu Vuong Street

- Nhu Hien (Nhu Hien Restaurant): 36 Phan Thanh Street; Tel: 0511 655377
- Thuy (Thuy Restaurant): 122 Hoang Dieu Street

- Thanh Tam (Thanh Tam Restaurant): 86 Le Duan Street; Tel: 0511 3893244

- Quan chay Phap Lam (Phap Lam Restaurant): 574 Ong Ich Khiem Street
- Phuoc Thanh (Phuoc Thanh Restaurant): 327 Trung Nu Vuong Street

- Sai Gon (Sai Gon Restaurant): 552 Ong Ich Khiem Street
- Sinh An (Sinh An Restaurant): 89 Ong Ich Khiem Street; Tel: 0511 825119


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