Linh Ung Pagoda, Son Tra Peninsula

17/06/2016 22:22

Built on a site of 12 hectares on the Son Tra Peninsula, the Lin Ung, Son Tra Pagoda is the largest in Da Nang in terms of scale and artistic architecture. The pagoda is famous for its beautiful 67-metre-tall Goddess of Mercy statue standing on a lotus-shaped platform.


A large courtyard containing many statues leads visitors to a giant three-door gate.  From here visitors can relax their minds, by gazing across the boundless sea below with numerous boats bobbing on the water and to the Marble Mountains in the distance, or cast off all their worries by looking at the gentle face of the Goddess of Mercy statue to the right.  Locals believe that this Goddess of Mercy statue, which faces the sea, will take care of fishermen and give them the strength to deal with any storms and high waves. 

Inside the statue, which is equivalent to a 30-storey building, there are 17 levels, allowing visitors to admire the view from different heights.  Each of the 17 levels houses 21 Buddha statues, with different appearances, expressions and gestures.

Standing in lines on both sides of the main courtyard are 18 statues of arhats in a traditional spiritual rite, showing all of their expressions of joy, anger, love and hate.