Hotpot of Linh (Cirrhinus jullieni) Fish and Điên Điển (Sesbania Sesban) Flowers

05/09/2016 19:47
It goes without saying that Linh Fish and Dien Dien flowers are typical features of the Western South during the flood season. Westerners have been proud of the abundant produce from the nature, especially the dish called Lẩu cá linh hoa điên điển (Hotpot of C.jullieni Fish and Sesbania Sesban Flowers). To prepare a delicious hotpot, you should choose very fresh Linh Fish, then gut them thoroughly, clean and put them in a little for drainage. After that, the fish will be marinated with garlic, pepper, sugar and salt for about 10 minutes.







Pour fresh coconut milk into a pot; add a few tablespoons of fish sauce, some sugar, scrap, tamarind in. Put in some fried garlic, some chopped coriander and then cook until it boils.  Such tender fish can be cook very quickly, so you can put them into the pot whenever the dish is served. While enjoying the dish, you can dip as many Sesbania Sesban flowers into the boiling broth in the hotpot as you like. You can feel how crunchy and sweet the flowers are in your mouth.

This distinctive delicious dish is due to the mixture of the sour, the sweet, the fragrant aroma and the flavor from Sesbania Sesban flowers. This dish can be served with fresh rice noodles or hot cooked rice. A saucer of fish sauce and chili is indispensible for this special dish.

Source:, Translated by Ngoc Diep - CTU