Hanoi Opera House to open tours

30/04/2017 20:15
Hanoi Opera House is scheduled to open tours from June 2017 to meet domestic and international tourists’ demand of visiting and learning about history, architecture and art.

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The tours aim to implement the policy of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on exploiting the Hanoi Opera House as a place to perform quality art works, preserve traditional art and build academic art works.

The Department of Performing Arts, Hanoi Opera House and Vietnam National Administration of Tourism will offer two tours, including a Hanoi Opera House tour and a combination tour of Hanoi Opera House and art shows.

Visitors will have an opportunity to be welcomed at the VIP room of the theatre, learn about history and architecture, visit the displaying room and enjoy art programmes.

The programme will connect with other cultural activities at the Hanoi walking street, which is expected to become a special cultural attraction for tourists in Hanoi.

Nhan Dan