Ginkgo T-Shirts

16/04/2016 00:10

Address: 35 Ta Hien, 44 Hang Be, 79 Hang Gai, Hanoi

Tel: (84) 4 3926 3871  /  3926 4769   /  3938 2265

Opening hours: 0800 - 2200


Ginkgo, established in Saigon in 2007, is committed to partner only with suppliers who share Ginkgo's vision of fair and environmentally friendly trade. From printed t-shirts that depict Hanoi's tangle of telephone wires to scrapbook-stitched designs of Vietnam's golden five-pointed star, you'll find a tasty, wearable souvenir. Interestingly, because of the company's desire to maintain strict standards of quality, the cotton they use is sourced from Thailand, Bangladesh and India. The t-shirts, however, are dyed and assembled entirely in Vietnam.