02/08/2016 21:44
Dau Beach is in the western Lon Mountain and the northern center of Vung Tau City. From Truoc Beach, following Tran Phu Street and passing Bach Dinh monument about 3km is Dau Beach. Formerly, Dau Beach was also called May Pool because there were a lot of cane forests.
Dau Beach is a wind-tight beach with many fantastic and dreaming rocks. Two-headed beach has many huge cliffs; the back of beach is concave terrain that is enclosed and finned on Lon Mountain slope by lush trees.
Lon Mountain base in Dau Beach is abrupt and very close to the sea. Between navy blue color of sea and green trees set off The Queen of grace statue, which is 30m high, and the white buildings.
Dau Beach is the beautiful, peaceful beach and seems to be separated from noisy and busy atmosphere of center Vung Tau City.