Datanla Waterfall

11/09/2016 19:15

Located beside National road 20, 5 km from downtown of Dalat, Datanla tourist site has an area of 312 ha set amidst the preservation forests.

Datanla used to be called "Da Tam N'nha" by the native people. The K'Ho who had been living there told that: In the old time, fairies usually came there to take a bath. But people didn't know that there was a stream under the leaves there. So, when native people discovered the water, they named this place "Da Tam N'nha", it meant that "there was water under leaves". Later, the word “Da Tam N'nha" was pronounced to "Datania" and then changed to "Datanla". It has become the official name until now.

At the foot of the waterfall, Datanla stream flows slowly through cliffs then flow onto a deep hole called deadly abyss located between two vertical cliffs with the height of over 40 m.