Damb'ri waterfall

11/09/2016 19:32

Damb'ri waterfall is located in the Northwest of Baoloc town, Lamdong province. Damb'ri waterfall is a famous destination for tourists and it is the highest waterfall in the province (57m). Its surface width is 30m.


According to legend, in the old time, there live two hill tribes, however, they did not get on well with each other so conflicts happened very often. The two hill tribes have a beautiful girl, B'ri, and a brave boy, K'Dam, they passionately loved each other, but they could not get married to each other because of the difference between the two hill tribes.

One day, K'Dam was so sad because the unsuccessful love so he left his village and went to a forest. When hearing the news, B'ri left her house to find him; she went through many forests, crossed many streams and many months and crops had passed, but she couldn't find him.

She got disappointed so much, so she came back to a forest nearby her village and she cried. She cried again and again and hoped that K'Dam would come back to her, however, he did not come back. She kept crying till she died and her body turned into rock, her tear kept flowing and it became the present waterfall.

After what happened to K'Dam and B'ri, the people from the hill tribes were moved to tear because of the truthful love, so they called the waterfall Damb'ri and from that time they got on welt with each other and their offsprings were allowed to get married to each other.

With the motto of respecting and protecting the nature and varying tourist product, many types of new recreation and amusement services have been developed to meet the demands of tourists such as: a primeval forest with hundreds kinds of plants, Damb'ri waterfall, Dasara fall, Daton fall, a fossil plant cave under the third floor of Damb'ri fall, an animal zoo, a 150- hectare hill of a kind of tomentose plant and a village of Ma ethnic people.

Tourists can visit these above places of Damb'ri tourist site by horse, tramcar, elevator and roller coaster.

Add: Hamlet 14, Damb'ri commune, Bao Loc city.

Tel: 0633. 751.517

Source: By Dambr'i tourist joint-stock company