Chill Fine Dining

17/04/2016 14:28

The main dining area of the restaurant accommodates 90 pax at tables with panaromic skyline views of the city at night on one side and the view of the open kitchen showcasing chefs in action and the Wine Cellar with world renowned wines. Additionally the Private Room which can be completely or partially closed, seats 10,  The Rooftop seats 27, and Sky Terrace acts as a great starting & end point for dinner where you can sample Chill’s signature cocktails or sip on some of the best cognacs, whiskeys while enjoying a Cuban Cigar.  The Private Room, the Rooftop and Sky Terrace areas feature unprecedented skyline views of Saigon and can be used for private events.

Hotline: 093 882 2838 |  Tel: 0934 065 812