Binh Tay Market (closed for renovation for 1 year) starting from 9/2016

17/04/2016 19:59

  • Opening Hours: Daily 07:00 – 18:00
  • Address: 57 Thap Muoi, District 6, Ho Chi Minh City

Cholon, also known as Binh Tay Market, is located at the edge of Ho Chi Minh City’s District 5. Great for experiencing the local Buddhist culture, the market offers a vibrant atmosphere, opulent Chinese architecture, as well as a fascinating assortment of handicrafts, lacquerware, textiles and fresh produce. There’s also an open-air food court at the back of the market where you can enjoy tasty treats such as Vietnamese noodles, banh bao (steamed bun with pork filling), and Chinese sausages. Market shopping – especially in Southern Vietnam’s notorious humidity – can get tiring; for a quick breather, head to the breezy central courtyard and check out the alter and stone plaque honouring Binh Tay’s founder.