Banh My 25 (Vietnamese Bread) / Banh My Pho Co

08/04/2016 00:29

Add:  25 Hang Ca    /  38 Dinh Liet, Hanoi

Tel:  097 766 8895   /  N.A

Opening hour:  0800 - 1900  /  0700 - 0100

Banh My is fillings include steamed, pan-roasted or oven-roasted seasoned pork belly, Vietnamese sausage, grilled pork, grilled pork patties, spreadable pork liver pate, pork floss, grilled chicken, chicken floss, in tomato sauce, soft pork meatballs in tomato sauce, fried eggs. Accompanying vegetables typically include fresh cucumber slices, cilantro (leaves of the coriander plant), include spicy chili sauce, sliced chili.