Ba Na Hill Station

16/06/2016 21:52

Ba Na Mountain is about 45km to the west of Da Nang, and there is winding road to the 1,487m summit. The mountain area is estimated to host 136 families, 379 genuses and over 453 species of flora, including 251 medicinal species. It is also home to 266 vertebrates, 61 species of mammals, 178 species of birds, and 17 species of reptiles. The total area of Ba Na Mountain is 8,425ha, including 6,056ha of natural forest.

When you reach the summit, you can feel the temperature and humidity dropping away.  It has refreshingly cool weather all year round and gorgeous panoramic views.  The average temperature is 18.3oC, with a maximum of 25oC.  When it is 32oC to 35oC on the coast, it’s likely to be between 17oC and 20oC up on the mountain.  

The Ba Na Hills Resort


Visitors can enjoy all four seasons of the year in one day here.  Each of the four seasons appears in succession: spring in the morning, summer at noon, autumn in the afternoon and winter in the evening, so you might need to take a coat along for an overnight visit.  Rain often falls in the section between 700m and 1,200m above sea level, but around the hilltop itself, the sky is usually clear, the view is truly spectacular, and the air is fresh and cool.  Mountain tracks lead to a variety of waterfalls and viewpoints.

The cable car system


The Ba Na Hill Station was first developed by the French in the 1930s, who escaped the summer heat for its cool, mountain air.  It once boasted more than 250 villas, hotels, medical clinics, banks, post offices, and kindergartens.  Until World War II, the French were carried up the last 20km of rough mountain road by sedan chair, but now a cable car system, with a total length of 5.042km and a height difference of 1,291m, has really opened up the access.  This cable car holds two world records - for the longest and the highest non-stop cable car.  The vertical rise of the cable car makes the ride for visitors a truly spectacular trip over dense jungle.