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28/05/2016 10:37

CS1:24 Lê Văn Hưu ( 36 LVH chuyển về)
CS2:14 ngõ 59 Láng Hạ, HN
Opening: 7:00am - 9:00 pm


Bun Cha 34 / Bun Cha Mai Anh

08/04/2016 00:32

Add: 34 Hang Than  /  47 Xuan Dieu, Hanoi

Tel: 04.3927 0879 / N.A

Open for lunch only

One of the most favorite food in Northern of Vietnam, we have Bun cha for lunch, for dinner and we prefer to have that on the street.  Bun cha is a plate of rice noodle, grilled pork with light fish sauce and fresh herbs.

Pho Gia Truyen (Pho Bo - Beef Noodles) / Pho Ga Lam Nam Ngu (Chicken Noodles)

08/04/2016 00:31

Add: 49 Bat Dan, Hanoi   /   12 Nam Ngu, Hanoi                     

Opening hour:  06:00 - 20:30  

Spicy Pho Bay (Beef Noodles) / Pho Hoc

08/04/2016 00:30

Add: 162 Xuan Dieu / 38 Xuan Dieu

Tel: 096 293 6228  

Opening hour: 06:00 - 23:00  /  06:00 - 13:00 & 18:00 - 22:00

If you are looking for local Pho in Hanoi so here they are and you will understand why many people have to stay in the long line for a bowl of pho in the hot weather.  Besides, on Xuan Dieu str, you can also try Pho Xao (Stir - fried noodles), fried rice.

Banh My 25 (Vietnamese Bread) / Banh My Pho Co

08/04/2016 00:29

Add:  25 Hang Ca    /  38 Dinh Liet, Hanoi

Tel:  097 766 8895   /  N.A

Opening hour:  0800 - 1900  /  0700 - 0100

Banh My is fillings include steamed, pan-roasted or oven-roasted seasoned pork belly, Vietnamese sausage, grilled pork, grilled pork patties, spreadable pork liver pate, pork floss, grilled chicken, chicken floss, in tomato sauce, soft pork meatballs in tomato sauce, fried eggs. Accompanying vegetables typically include fresh cucumber slices, cilantro (leaves of the coriander plant), include spicy chili sauce, sliced chili.

Bun Bo Nam Bo

08/04/2016 00:28

Add: 67 Hang Dieu, Hanoi

Tel: 04. 3923 0701

Opening hour:

A rice-noodles dish that originates from southern Vietnam.  This is quite simply heaven in a bowl: strips of grilled beef, shredded lettuce, sliced cucumber, fries shallots, crispy bean sprouts, fresh cilantro and chopped peanuts and a mount of steamed vermicelli noodles, all of which harmonize in a magic way.

Bun Oc Co Beo

08/04/2016 00:28

Add: 2 Hoe Nhai

Tel:   04. 3927 0261

Opening hour: 0630 - 2100

Fresh water crabs flavor this tangy tomato soup that’s made with round rice vermicelli and topped with pounded crabmeat, deep-fried tofu and often, congealed blood.  An odoriferous purple shrimp paste is offered on the side - it tasted delicious.  Chili and fresh herbs are the finishing touches for a complete one dish meal.

Cha Ca La Vong

08/04/2016 00:27

Add: 14 Cha Ca - 107 Nguyen Truong To - 19, 21, 31 Duong Thanh

Tel: 04 3825 3929 / 3823 9875 / 3824 5115

Opening Hour

The combination of ingredients - turmeric, dill, shrimp paste and fish sauce- delivers an intriguing muskiness bolstered with chiles, silky noodles and a thicket of other fresh herbs to season the chunks of moist fish. 

Banh Cuon Gia Truyen Thanh Van

08/04/2016 00:27

Add: 12 - 14 Hang Ga, Hanoi

Tel: 04. 3828 0108

Opening Hour:   06:30  -  21:00

Banh Cuon is a Northern Vietnamese dish that migrated to Hanoi.  Thin steamed rice flour pancakes filled with minced pork and cloud ear mushrooms are served with nuoc cham - a fish sauce based dipping sauce, fried shallots and fresh herbs. Slightly goopy in texture, banh cuon are often eaten for breakfast or as an evening as well.

Sticky rice

08/04/2016 00:26

Add:  Xoi Yen 35 Nguyen Huu Huan, Hanoi

Tel:   090 474 5252

Opening Hour: Whole day 05:00 – 24:00

In the morning you will find the sticky rice vendors out hawking their wares.  Sticky rice is a hugely popular carb-rich breakfast food that comes wrapped in a banana leaf.  There is a nice place serve all kind of sticky rice and they open for whole day.  Xoi Yen is quite famous with local and it is located in the old quarter.

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