Tourist Attractions

Da Nang beaches

16/06/2016 22:01
Da Nang has a nearly-60 kilometre-long coastline stretching from the foot of the Hai Van Pass to the Marble Mountains of 60 kilometres long, and it is famous for its many beautiful sections of beaches stretching from the foot of Hai Van Pass to the Marble Mountains. It is an ideal choice for...

Ngam Doi Eco-tourism Site

16/06/2016 22:01
Ngam Doi eco-tourism site is a great place if you love nature, and it is also a popular venue for those who enjoy the outdoors.  Just 30km southwest of Da Nang, Ngam Doi is nestled in Phu Tuc Village, Hoa Phu Commune, Hoa Vang District.    This site is at the point where two streams...

Son Tra Peninsula

16/06/2016 21:55
Jutting out into the sea, the Son Tra Peninsula is crowned by the Son Tra Mountain that the American soldiers during the Viet Nam War called Monkey Mountain. The 13.5km-long mountain to the northeast of Da Nang acts as a barrier protecting the city from strong winds and storms coming in from the...

The Museum of Cham Sculpture

16/06/2016 21:54
The Museum of Cham Sculpture is at the junction of Bach Dang Street and Tran Phu Street, Hai Chau District, near the Dragon Bridge. It is a graceful building and an eclectic mix of French-colonial architecture and Cham elements set in picturesque surroundings by the Han river. The history of the...

Marble Mountains

16/06/2016 21:53
The Marble Mountains, located at Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, are a major tourist attraction in Da Nang and are alongside the Da Nang-Hoi An roads, 8 km to the southeast of the central area of Da Nang. They consist of 5 mountains with many mysterious caves, Buddha statues and beautiful...
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Historical Relics

Tuy Loan Communal House

17/06/2016 21:15
Located in Tuy Loan Hamlet, Hoa Phong Commune, Hoa Vang District, this communal house was built in the first year of King Thanh Thai’s reign (1889). Like Nai Nam and Bo Ban, Tuy Loan Communal House is used to worship the gods, and past sages of the village.   In the past, people held a...

Dien Hai Citadel

17/06/2016 21:14
Dien Hai Citadel, built on the western side of the Han River in the twelfth year of King Gia Long’s reign (1813), was formerly known as Dien Hai Fortress. It was moved inland and rebuilt in brick on a high mount in the fourth year of King Minh Mang’s reign (1823). It was renamed as Dien Hai Citadel...

Phuoc Ninh Cemetery

17/06/2016 21:13
Nghia Trung Phuoc Ninh is a burial ground for heroic martyrs who struggled and died in attacks on the city by French troops between 1858 and 1860.   Nguyen Quy Linh and Truong Tai Phu selected the land at Phuoc Ninh village to establish this cemetery. They found the graves of 1,500...

Hoa Vang Cemetery

17/06/2016 21:12
In 1864, at the suggestion of Dang Huy Truoc, King Tu Duc issued a royal decree to relocate about 1,300 graves of heroic martyrs who had struggled and died during the attack on the city by French troops between 1858 and 1860. They were reinterred at Hoa Vinh Cemetery, a burial ground in Nghi An...

Tombs of French and Spanish Soldiers

17/06/2016 21:11
A joint Franco-Spanish expedition, under the command of Admiral Charles Rigault de Genouilly, landed at the port of Tourane (now Da Nang) in September 1858 and occupied the city after a brief bombardment.   However, the allies were soon placed under siege by the Vietnamese and, unable to...
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