Famous Landscapes

11/09/2016 19:33

Pernn waterfall

  Prenn waterfall is located at the foot of Prenn Pass which is 10 km far from Dalat city. Prenn waterfall is the gateway of Dalat. In the old time, there was a village of prenn up the stream, so the waterfall bears the name Prenn. It has the height of 9m, and the width of 20m and it...
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11/09/2016 19:33

Hang Cop waterfall

  The waterfall is located in Xuan Tho Commune, Dalat city, in National road 20. Take a turning at the km-post No.13 and keep going around 2.7 km, you will see the waterfall. < In 1950, the place was a deep forest with plenty of wild animals, of which the fiercest animals are...
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11/09/2016 19:32

Damb'ri waterfall

  Damb'ri waterfall is located in the Northwest of Baoloc town, Lamdong province. Damb'ri waterfall is a famous destination for tourists and it is the highest waterfall in the province (57m). Its surface width is 30m.   According to legend, in the old time, there live two...
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11/09/2016 19:31

Langbiang Mountain

Langbiang Mountain is located in Lac Duong district which is 12 km from Dalat in the North. With its height of 2,169m above the sea level, Langbiang Mountain has not only been an attractive tourist site but also kept a legend about a passionate love. According to the old people, there was a love...
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11/09/2016 19:29

Dalat Bus Station

Dalat railway station is another famous landscape recognized as the national historical and cultural relic by the Ministry of Vietnam Culture and Information.                             Dalat...
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11/09/2016 19:28

Linh Phuoc Pagoda

Linh Phuoc pagoda is located at 120 Tu Phuoc - Ward 11 which is in the northeast, 8km from the city center. The pagoda was built in 1949 and finished in 1952. It had being managed by 4 Buddhist monks, including Mr. Thich Minh The (1951-1954), Mr. Thich An Hoa (1954- 1956), Mr. Thich Quang Phat...
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11/09/2016 19:27

Xuan Huong Lake

Xuan Huong Lake has an area of 32ha and the average depth of 1.5m. It is located on an elevation of 1,478m above sea level and it is considered as the heart of Dalat. Xuan Huong Lake in former times was the valley with Cam Ly stream running through, is inhabited by Lach residents. In 1919,...
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11/09/2016 19:22

Domaine de Marie Church

                        It is also known as the Cherry Church as it was formerly surrounded by cherry trees and home to 50 Roman Catholic nuns of the Mission of Charity. The complex consistsof the main church...
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11/09/2016 19:21

Truc Lam Monastery

The Buddhist Meditation is located on phoenix hill with an area of 25 ha. From there, we can see the panoramic view of Tuyen Lam lake and Elephant mountain in the far distance. With its advantage of location, Truc Lam monastery meditation was designed with a new style...
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11/09/2016 19:20

The Valley of Love

The Valley of Love is located in the Northeast which is 6 km from Dalat city, Valley of love is one of the poetic beauty-spots of Dalat. There are many ways to explain the name: Valley of Love. * Among 1930s, Governor-general of Indochina - Mr. Varenne and a lot of French couples used to come here...
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