Traditional festival and Culture

05/09/2016 10:12

Cai Rang Floating Market Festival: A Highlight in Can Tho Tourism

Cai Rang Floating Market Festival is the first time to be held on July 8-9. It is planned to be held every year in order to preserve the featured cultural identity of the people in the South West waterways region. Also, this annual festival can help provide a tourism highlight so as to attract more...
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05/09/2016 10:11

Southern Traditional Cake Festival takes

According to the plan of the People's Committee of Can Tho City, The Fifth Southern Traditional Cake Festival 2016, hold by the Centre for Investigation – Trade Promotion and the Can Tho Exhibition Fair, will take place from October 15 to 19-04, (from 9 to 13-03 of lunar calendar), at the Cai Khe...
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05/09/2016 10:10

Some highlights of the culinary culture of Can Tho

The ecological characteristics of Can Tho are quite similar to other provinces of the Mekong Delta so basically food and dishes in Can Tho are also similar to other regions’ food. Cooked ordinary rice is the major food and dishes are fish, meat ... processed by grilling, frying, steaming, stirring,...
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05/09/2016 10:08

Waterways and Cultural – Historical Relics Tourism

Binh Thuy is famous not only for its various cultural-historical relics but also for the network of interwoven rivers and orchards laden with fruits, which makes up the unique path for exciting discoveries. To fully enjoy all this beauty, you should have a try with a waterways tour including visits...
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05/09/2016 10:07

"Tan Loc Orchard Festival of 2015” with many new activities

"Tan Loc Orchard Festival" of this year is from June 18th to 20th 2015 (or May 3rd to 5th of Lunar Year), at Tan Loc Dong temple, Tan Loc Ward, Thot Not...
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05/09/2016 10:06

Developing Culture-oriented Tourism

Cai Rang Floating Market, Can Tho City has existed for over 100 years with the unique culture typical for the inhabitants of the Mekong River region. Today, the market is no longer prosperous as ever, facing risk of shrinking due to many factors. Local leaders and tourism agencies are searching...
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05/09/2016 10:05

Rural Tourism – Strengths of Can Tho Tourism

Currently, Can Tho City has 14 tourist destinations with large gardens, attracting more than half a million visitors annually, accounting for nearly 50% of visitors to Can Tho. In the future, Can Tho rural tourism will be invested to meet the needs of most tourists, especially resorts “along the...
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05/09/2016 10:04

Phong Dien District aiming to develop community-based tourism, responsible tourism

Phong Dien is the "green belt" of Can Tho City with lush orchards, fresh air, a complex system of winding rivers, which reminds you of an affluent countryside with gentle, simple and hospitable people. This advantage helps Phong Dien to develop its "green tourism", community based tourism which...
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05/09/2016 10:02

Southern Folk Cake Festival in Can Tho to Take Place on Occasion of King Hung’s Death Anniversary

Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (VHTTDL) has issued an official text on the proposal to expand the size of South Folk Cake Festival in Can Tho by Department of Culture, Sports and...
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05/09/2016 10:01

Mini stage for traditional theatres in Can Tho

Performances of traditional theatre on a mini stage have become popular in Can Tho city over the past year. Launched in early 2013, this type of theatre has attracted local people as well as visitors and has contributed to preserving and promoting traditional...
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