05/09/2016 20:04

Shredded chicken with pomelo

The Mekong Delta is endowed by nature with lots of delicious fresh produces. Taking advantage of those ingredients, the chef can cook rustic delicacies. Shredded chicken with pomelo is one of the attractions. This dish is considered an improved version of the milling shredded chicken, with a...
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05/09/2016 20:03

Bún Riêu Cái Răng (Cai Rang Crab Noodle Soup) to the top must-try delicious food in the world

Culinary experts of Skyscanner travel site introduce bun rieu at Cai Rang floating market in Can Tho as a dish that should try once in your lifetime.   Bun rieu at Cai Rang floating market, Vietnam "A crab and tomato broth, bun (rice noodles), fresh herbs, chunks of tofu, and much more,...
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05/09/2016 20:02

Custard Apple Pie

The unique feature of custard apple pie is the beautiful and delicate appearance, each node is as vivid as a real custard apple with peduncle and green leaves.                 To bake the custard apple pie, the baker must go through...
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05/09/2016 20:01

Can Tho Simple Folk Cakes

Can Tho is famous for different delicious cakes, especially folk cakes. With these cakes, the bakers usually make them manually, traditionally and...
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05/09/2016 19:58

Banh xeo cu hu dua (palmito rice pancake) in Can Tho

Located on Cai Son - Hang Bang Street, a pancake diner outlying in Can Tho City is small but always crowded with...
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05/09/2016 19:57

Duck Braised Noodles – Can Tho Good Food

Duck braised noodles is an age-old dish in Can Tho, which is preferred by many people. This dish includes many spices, especially medicinal herbs, which make it has a light sweet and a strange taste.                     To make...
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05/09/2016 19:53

Luscious and fragrant Bun Ca (rice noodles and fish) in Can Tho City

Bun Ca (rice noodles and fish) is a famous dish in the Southwest of Vietnam, especially in An Giang Province and Kien Giang Province. But in Can Tho, Bun Ca (rice noodles and fish) has its own feature – Its luscious and fragrant taste will imprint in your mind forever when you have ever tried the...
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05/09/2016 19:50

Can Tho City’s Nice Dish: Ba Khía Rang Me (Freshwater Crabs Cooked with Tamarind Sauce)

If you have an opportunity to visit Can Tho City, you should save time to go Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Thoi Binh Ward, Ninh Kieu District to enjoy many unique delicacies from Ba Khia cooked in various ways such as boiling, frying, steaming… This street is also called "Ba Khia Street" by the...
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05/09/2016 19:47

Hotpot of Linh (Cirrhinus jullieni) Fish and Điên Điển (Sesbania Sesban) Flowers

It goes without saying that Linh Fish and Dien Dien flowers are typical features of the Western South during the flood season. Westerners have been proud of the abundant produce from the nature, especially the dish called Lẩu cá linh hoa điên điển (Hotpot of C.jullieni Fish and Sesbania Sesban...
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05/09/2016 19:45

Phong Dien Fine Rice Vermicelli

Whenever you come to Can Tho City and have a chance to visit Phong Dien District full of fruit laden orchards, enjoying a 1-day picnic tour to try working as local farmers doing harvest activities such as vegetable gardening, boating and fishing, you should not miss Gardener Minh Canh’s house to...
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