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Located in the West – South, Bai Truoc, Vung Tau is also named “Tam Duong” beach with crescent shape leaning into the mainland and two ends are two mountains of Tuong Ky and Tao Phung. The charming mountain and water landscape has created dreamlike Bai Truoc where is the port for ships after long voyages. Along Bai Truoc, there are rows of coconuts and malabar almond trees to give shapes to the walkers. Many luxurious buildings are located around Bai Truoc to improve its modern beauty.


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Bai Sau is located in the East – South of Vung Tau city, with the length of about 8 km with other name of “Thuy Van” beach. This is long and dreamlike beach, with the gentle beauty of a sea with sunlight all year round. Thuy Van avenue is runing along Sau beach, with one side including noisy streets, modern and luxurious and with all comforts hotel buildings and one side including gold sand beach and dreaming green sea which attract many domestic and foreign visitors to bath in the sea, visit and rest.


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Along Ha Long avenue and curling on a section of the mountain side, Bai Dua appears before the visitors, with not noisy beauty but dreamlike and silent beauty. On the mountain  along Ha Long avenue luxurious hotels are constructed next to ancient pagodas such as Tinh Xa Nirvana, Sir Nam Hai tomb… The visitors can both rest and enjoy beautiful landscape of the sea and worship for good lucks… 


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Ho Coc beach is located in Xuyen Moc district, which is an attrative tourism destination to the visitors for its pristine and rare beauty. Ho Coc sea has pure water and the beach has white sand and slopes gentle and the beach is specially beautiful thanks to large rock located in the beach to create waves with white foams.


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Dau Beach is in the western Lon Mountain and the northern center of Vung Tau City. From Truoc Beach, following Tran Phu Street and passing Bach Dinh monument about 3km is Dau Beach. Formerly, Dau Beach was also called May Pool because there were a lot of cane forests.
Dau Beach is a wind-tight beach with many fantastic and dreaming rocks. Two-headed beach has many huge cliffs; the back of beach is concave terrain that is enclosed and finned on Lon Mountain slope by lush trees.
Lon Mountain base in Dau Beach is abrupt and very close to the sea. Between navy blue color of sea and green trees set off The Queen of grace statue, which is 30m high, and the white buildings.
Dau Beach is the beautiful, peaceful beach and seems to be separated from noisy and busy atmosphere of center Vung Tau City. 




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When the spring comes, the visitors traveling on Provincial Road 44 through Nuoc Ngot pass can see a forest of cherry trees with many flowers along two sides to Thuy Duong beach, located in Phuoc Hai township, Dat Do district. The beach has slopes gentle, with small rock to create the dreamlike beauty. Thuy Duong beach tourism are equipped with all services shall give the comfortable feeling to the visitors when visiting and resting here.


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Ho Tram beach is wonderful and attractive marina to help the visitors to enjoy the beauty of East sea when visiting the resort. The visitors can wallow in the nature where many marine creatures are living. Here, there is Ho Tram Beach Resort and Spa, an ideal place where the visitors can be relaxed with sky, water, white beach while listening to the sound of wave and enjoying the pure and cool air.


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Long Hai beach is located in Long Hai township, Long Dien district which is a wonderful and clean beach with pure and blue sea water. Long Hai beach is connected with Nuoc Ngot Pass where has mountains rising up to the sea as issuing the challenge to the endless sea with waves to create the dreamlike and mighty landscape. Whenever the spring comes, from Nuoc Ngot pass looking down, the visitors will feel surprised before the wonderful picture of the nature with the purple white color of Cherry flowers and green color color of the forest and mountain running to the sea. 


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Dam Trau beach located in Con Dao district is the place with wonderful landscape and yellow sand stretching under the stone walls with many strange shapes. On a stone slope to the sea, there are two big stones leaning together as two birds are caressing. Visiting Dam Trau, the visitors will listen to many stories about the romantic love with much debts from previous life of intelligent boy named Truc Van Cau and charming girl Mai Thi Trau. Feeling pity for the love of these two young people in Co Ong village composed the poetry: 
“Who reminds Sir Cau that
Hon Cau is not so far from Dam Trau beach?”
“Ai về nhắn gửi ông Câu
Hòn Cau cách bãi Đầm Trầu bao xa?”


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An Hai beach and Lo Voi beach are two wonderful beaches in two ends of centre of Con Dao distrct with gentle sea and pure water. Along the beaches, there are rows of birch-trees giving the shaper with charming landscape between the endless of sea and sky of Con Dao island.


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About 800m away from Ma Thien Lanh relic, that is Ong Dung beach with two famous poetry sentences:
“Who visits Dat Tham, Bai Bang
Ask Sir Dung that Vu Nang big enough or not?
“Ai qua đất thắm, Bãi Bàng
Hỏi thăm Ông Đụng, Vú Nàng lớn chưa”
Vu Nang is the name of a kind of sea snail, special food of Con Dao. If it is a pity if visiting Con Dao without eating Vu Nang snail. Ong Dung beach is wide with pure and clean water and fine sand which passionate the visitors when they mix themselves with the pristine and charming nature.


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Hon Cau island with the majority of stone islands and covered with natural forest is located in the East-North of Con Dao district. From far distance, Hon Cau island is like a hat, the West-South  of the island has yellow sand beach with pure and green sea water and is isolated from other 15 islands in Con Dao island complex to create a peaceful and interesting place for the visitors when visiting this dreamlike island.


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