Namo Tuscan Grill

Following the overwhelming response to ’NAMO Artisanal Pizzeria, head chef Ivan Barone, a native Italian who spent more than 10 years living in Tuscany, felt it was time to introduce Saigon to the true food of his childhood. Hearty, wholesome, packed full of flavour using ingredients born of the rich lands surrounding Florence, Val Di Chiana and Siena; the food of Tuscany is a cuisine unto itself.Ivan has been immersed in Tuscan cuisine since he was young, learning to roll local Tuscan pastas with the local grandmothers, discovering the intrinsic flavours of the rolling hills of the Val D’Orcia and going on to open an award-winning restaurant in Tuscany. It is the flavours and memories from Tuscany that inspired the menu at ’NAMO Tuscan Grill.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon - Thu: 11:00 am - 22:30 pm 
  • Fri - Sat:    11:00 am - 23:00 pm
  • Sun:          11:00 pm - 22:30 pm              


  • 146-148 Pasteur, D.1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Tel: +84 28 3822 1431