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Vietnam recommended among top 10 welcoming countries

01/04/2018 16:15
Vietnam has benefited from political stability, robust economic expansion, relaxing visa requirements and budget living costs, making it into the list of the 10 friendliest destinations in the world, according to InterNations, the world’s largest international community for people who live and work abroad. Vietnam came 9th in a new ranking of the 2018 annual Expat Insider survey conducted by InterNations, jumping three spots against last year. The organization says that the Southeast Asian country is becoming a promising destination for the expat community thanks to robust economic growth, visa exemption policy accompanied with relatively high quality of life. The survey was carried out based on interviews of more than 13,000 expats from 188 countries and territories around the globe. Of the expats questioned, 56% of respondents said they had no difficulties in making friends with locals while 16% expressed their wish to stay on in the country for the rest of their life. More than...

Hoi An outdoor entertainment show breaks two Vietnamese records

22/03/2018 21:32
A live entertainment show in the central province of Quang Nam which features bustling scenes of the trading port of Hoi An in the 16th and 17th centuries was acknowledged as the largest-ever outdoor visual art performance and the show with the largest number of actors by the Vietnam Records Organization (Vietkings). The daily show, which started on March 18 at Hoi An Impression theme park, attracts more than 500 actors while the stage of the show covers 25,000 square meters and is able to accommodate 3,300 spectators at a time. The “Memories of Hoi An” program allows audiences to recall old memories of the ancient city, which used to be a busy trading port in Southeast Asia, and a convergence point of Japanese and Chinese merchants in the 16th and 17th centuries. Dao Quang Tung, general director of Viet Quoc Park Company and show producer, told the Daily that it took two years to make preparations for the show. The show, which is expected to woo more than 3,000 guests per night,...

New night market opens in ancient city

12/03/2018 08:08
The ancient city of Hội An has allocated some sections of four streets – Trần Quý Cáp, Bạch Đằng, Tiểu La and Hoàng Văn Thu – near Hội An market as a space for the third night market to serve tourists looking for shopping opportunities in the city. Vice chairman of the city’s People’s Committee Nguyễn Văn Sơn said the night market with 56 pavilions will open daily from 6pm to 11pm. He said the newly-launched night market will offer more shopping options for tourists at night, easing the crowding of tourists in the old quarters of the west side. The city has previously launched two night markets – souvenir pavilions in Nguyễn Hoàng Street and cuisine corner along Công Nữ Ngọc Hoa street on the Hoài River bank. Hội An, a UNESCO-recognised world heritage site, also allocated new pedestrian areas on streets of Trần Phú, Nguyễn Huệ (in front of Hội An market), Phan Châu Trinh, Công Nữ Ngọc Hoa and the Hoài River Square last year. The vice chairman of the city said the pedestrian...
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